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Cuomo’s Travails

I’m not going to deny that I’m enjoying a bit of schadenfreude over the accusations of sexual harassment presently sealing Governor Cuomo’s political doom. Any sympathy I may have otherwise felt for a man accused without evidence is overwhelmed by the deliciousness of considering the now all-too-obvious stupidity of his faux-high-minded posturing during the Kavanaugh hearings when similar accusations were leveled at the judge. I’m pretty sure he regrets his tweets from that time.

That said, schadenfreude is not a noble impulse. There is nothing generous about enjoying others’ troubles. And in truth the nature of the present storm around Governor Cuomo is rather strange.

One woman, an aspiring politician, is accusing him of having sexually assaulted her – in the sense of i...

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Progressive Interests

It’s not hard to figure out why most of my prosperous neighbors and many of my friends supported Biden. Sure, the constant demonization of Trump by the nation’s corporate media made pulling the lever for a borderline senile, venal political retread the more socially acceptable choice, at least among the crowd that gets its opinions from the ‘news’ sections of The New York Times; but the most fundamental reason was far simpler: near-term economic self-interest.

Begin with the fact that, using Covid19 as the excuse, the Biden Administration is going to bail out many essentially bankrupt (and uniformly ‘blue’) cities and states without imposing budget restraints that would address the overspending that created their fiscal messes long before Covid19 came along...

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Trump Agonistes

One of the reasons that I write these posts is to try to inform the Trump-despising progressives among Civil Horizon’s readership, of whom there are many, of what the other side is thinking. I know the social and media contexts from which such people draw their hatred and hope that I can, to a small extent, open their minds to another, very different, way of seeing things. I don’t think I’ve actually made much headway in that regard, but I feel compelled to keep plugging away at it.

Today is not the easiest day for me to make my case. The mini-riot at the Capitol yesterday certainly didn’t show Trump ‘s supporters in the best light...

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Legal Fraud?

When the dust settles, the American public will come to see both that many kinds of fraud were employed to ensure that Donald Trump would be defeated and that the most consequential of these were perfectly legal.

To begin, I don’t believe for a second that there was a vast conspiracy to steal the election in any kind of legal sense. Such a conspiracy would have to have been enormous in scope to have had any chance of success – and any conspiracy involving (presumably) tens or hundreds of people in each of, say, a half dozen states, all of whom would know that they were involved in an enormous federal crime – would be impossible to put into effect, let alone keep secret. I just don’t buy it.

(As a matter of interest, though, it seems that the betting markets (https://www...

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Looking Forward

I’m an absurdly lucky man.

Who knew that yesterday would be the day that I would really need the delivery of a new, sustaining delight?

Back in the lockdown-darkened days of June, like many others I decided that a puppy would be just the thing. We had had and loved dogs when our children were growing up, but with the passing of Tolo had gone into mourning and entered seven dogless years.

Because of some allergies in the family, a new canine friend would have to be acquired from a breeder so we did some research and applied to buy the right sort of puppy. We were told that because of the pandemic such dogs were particularly hard to come by, and that we might have to wait a long time.

Sundae, pictured below checking out some fallen leaves this morning, arrived yesterday...

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Progressive Definitions

An abbreviated list of progressive definitions, organized thematically:

Progressives – the Righteous Rich and members of the New Class; holders of august credentials; great spirits

Ally – any white leftist who accepts the moral inferiority of his or her political standing relative to other leftists with higher Victimhood Status

Victims – Everybody else, except Trump Supporters

Evil Capitalists – the Non-Righteous Rich; Trump voters, even if of modest means

Racists – every person holding any non-progressive political position

Systemic Racism – the universal explanation for unequal results not favored by progressives

Climate Change – is anything hotter/dryer than expected? Cooler/wetter? That’s Climate Change.

Science Denier – anybody who doesn’t believe that Cli...

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