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The Dog that Didn’t Bark

I am ever more convinced that Obama is smarter – or at a minimum vastly more self-aware – than onetime rival, then subordinate, then hoped-for-successor Hillary Clinton.

I know, I know, they’re both supposed to be really smart – the media has been telling us so for years. But now, as to Obama, I can sort of see it. He, you see, has been dead silent on the supposed Trump-colluded-with-Russia story all along.

When I first commented on Obama’s fascinating silence on that score here back in April, I was making the perfectly logical inference that the reason for the former president’s reticence was that he knew that such claims had no substance, and so, didn’t want to tarnish his own legacy by associating himself with the media frenzy over baseless calumnies...

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Coming to Like Trump

I am beginning to like this guy Trump.

As longtime readers of these posts know, I gave money to and voted for Gary Johnson. I have regularly written about my differences – both stylistic and substantive – with the President. I am often horrified by his thin-skinned immaturity and un-presidential tweets and – more substantively – I am truly worried by his nonchalance about the growth of entitlement spending (typified by his acceptance of the pre-existing conditions aspect of Obamacare) and his threats to tear up the NAFTA treaty. I can read a column like this one ( by die-hard never-Trumper Jonah Goldberg and agree with every word.

And yet, … I think he is doing a lot of good. Let me detail the ways:

– I ...

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Political Realignment?

Over the last couple of months, I have been doing a lot of thinking about President Trump and our country’s bitter partisan divides.

As longtime Civil Horizon readers know, I have mixed feelings about our new president – in whom, from a policy perspective, I see strong positives and equally strong negatives; my conflicted feelings mirror those of the voices of the establishment right – particularly, The Wall Street Journal’s editorial page and National Review. I would describe these views as not NeverTrump, but a distinct mixture of hopes and fears.

At the same time, the voices of the establishment left – particularly the “news” pages of The New York Times and The Washington Post – and mainstream (meaning: of the left) broadcast outlets like CNN and MSNBC, can only be descri...

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The Progressive Mindset

I am used to being surrounded and outnumbered. As even the most casual reader of this blog knows, I have libertarian leanings – and I have never lived anywhere but the northeastern corner of the United States.

The northeast is a fantastic place, and it could not be so without its natives, who are among the most competitive, argumentative and interesting people you could ever hope to find. The only thing on which nearly everybody here seems to agree is the one thing about which I dissent: progressive politics.

“Progressivism” is the de facto state religion of the northeast: it is inescapably the dominant culture in our governing bodies, schools, towns, workplaces, churches, synagogues and homes...

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