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Progressive Definitions

An abbreviated list of progressive definitions, organized thematically:

Progressives – the Righteous Rich and members of the New Class; holders of august credentials; great spirits

Ally – any white leftist who accepts the moral inferiority of his or her political standing relative to other leftists with higher Victimhood Status

Victims – Everybody else, except Trump Supporters

Evil Capitalists – the Non-Righteous Rich; Trump voters, even if of modest means

Racists – every person holding any non-progressive political position

Systemic Racism – the universal explanation for unequal results not favored by progressives

Climate Change – is anything hotter/dryer than expected? Cooler/wetter? That’s Climate Change.

Science Denier – anybody who doesn’t believe that Cli...

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Disastrous Leadership

Do Cuomo and De Blasio secretly despise New York City? Are they trying to kill it? If you look closely, it kinda, sorta looks that way. Well before the current calamitous events, the combined effects of their profligacy had the ships of state and city and headed straight for the rocks.

Let’s begin with taxes: combined city and state sales taxes now total over 8% on most purchases, and income taxes (for prosperous city residents) clock in at over 12%, second highest in the nation.

I know, I know: many will respond: not to worry – New York is full of rich people, it’s one of the richest states! Well, actually no. Measured by median household income, it’s not even in the top ten ( – and...

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My Disappointing Friends

Some of my best friends are Democrats. Really. That’s why it hurts me to write these words addressed to them: I am disappointed in you.

So certain are you of what you see as the oafish at best, evil at worst, character of our current president, and the moral superiority of your ideology and those who hold it, that you are completely uninterested in the shocking abuses of power committed by Democrats in furtherance of their – and your – political goals.

You had no interest in Eric Holder’s gunrunning in Fast and Furious or Lois Lerner’s weaponization of the IRS against conservative organizations. You didn’t care when Hillary Clinton and Susan Rice absurdly blamed a filmmaker for the catastrophe they caused in Benghazi – then had him jailed...

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Trump’s Pandemic Performance

Over the last month, given that most of us have been focused primarily on the health risks to ourselves and our loved ones from the virus – and in innumerable cases, secondarily on the very considerable economic costs of the shutdown to the same people – I have tried to avoid the political partisanship that is frequently found in these posts. Some things are way more important than trying to score points for ideological positions. Doesn’t mean I haven’t been thinking about the political implications of what’s been going on; I have.

Now that, in my view, evidence is clear that we have begun to emerge from the immediate healthcare crisis I feel marginally more comfortable sharing my thoughts about how President Trump has been handling his responsibilities...

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Two Presidents?

Over the last few days, I have been responding to questions about my support for Trump in the comments section of the most recent post. Both of the exasperated questioners are friends of mine who can’t quite believe that I would support a president whom they (with varying degrees of passion, I think) consider loathsome. It seems that though we share the same citizenship and love of country – to say nothing of our friendships with each other – we have completely different presidents.

Their president is a compulsive liar, an unstable man whose childish antics might be amusing if he didn’t have executive power. He was plainly guilty of abusing his office for political gain and almost certainly has been playing footsie with Putin for years...

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Coming to Like Trump

I am beginning to like this guy Trump.

As longtime readers of these posts know, I gave money to and voted for Gary Johnson. I have regularly written about my differences – both stylistic and substantive – with the President. I am often horrified by his thin-skinned immaturity and un-presidential tweets and – more substantively – I am truly worried by his nonchalance about the growth of entitlement spending (typified by his acceptance of the pre-existing conditions aspect of Obamacare) and his threats to tear up the NAFTA treaty. I can read a column like this one ( by die-hard never-Trumper Jonah Goldberg and agree with every word.

And yet, … I think he is doing a lot of good. Let me detail the ways:

– I ...

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