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Things We’re (Re-)Learning?

I wonder how the pandemic will change us.

For starters, the economic fallout is already throwing millions of Americans out of work and dramatically increasing the sense of economic insecurity among those who are most vulnerable – but that’s not really what I have in mind writing about in this post. I’m an optimist that once the crisis ends the economy will pick up steam again and new job opportunities – often very different ones – will become available for those who want to work. Skipping right over the all-too-real costs of the economic hiatus resulting from the pandemic, I’m trying to imagine how – and what – attitudes will have changed, and whether the new perspectives will last.

You may have seen articles about how the year-round residents of seasonal playgrounds...

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The American Religion

Longtime readers of these posts know that I have long been a member of a men’s book club in Connecticut. More recently, along with some friends who live near my primary home in one of New York City’s suburbs, I have started a second, similar group. The first meeting of the newer group was just a few nights ago; the book we discussed was Lincoln at Gettysburg – The Words That Remade America by Garry Wills.

It’s a worthwhile book – to begin with, it draws our attentions back to the Gettysburg Address, surely one of the greatest speeches ever given. If, like yours truly, you had largely forgotten the genius of Lincoln’s words, you can reread them here (

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Under a Steel-Gray Sky

Two days ago I slipped in some mud while carrying my kayak up a hill. I caught myself, but in doing so I seem to have hurt something deep in my right shoulder. Since then the right side of my torso has ached.

This morning, at the suggestion of my Beloved Spouse, I went outside to sit in the hot tub by our pool. I am not really a hot tub guy – I have probably used it a dozen times in as many years – but she thought the heat and bubble jets might help lessen my shoulder pain.

So I sat in the steaming water under a steel-gray sky; to my surprise, my thoughts turned to an old friend.


Doug and I went to boarding school together. We got to know each other through rowing; he was a big, athletic guy – a gentle giant. Though we were two years apart, we became fast friends.

For we were nur...

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