Category 4. Government

Policy Differences

We know that progressives despise President Trump; they consider him a liar, a bigot, a would-be authoritarian and, above all, a vulgarian. And we know that conservatives don’t think much of Joe Biden; they (we) think of him as being stupid, borderline senile and craven.

Let’s try to set aside these character judgments – on both sides – for a few minutes, so we can take a look at their differences on some of the policies that are likely to eventually make differences in our lives.

1. Entitlements

Notwithstanding the pressure that the demographically-driven growth in Social Security and Medicare outlays is putting on the nation’s finances, Trump has consistently cast himself as a defender of these gargantuan entitlements...

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A Pro-Regulation Post(!)

John Maynard Keynes famously parried a question about the possibly adverse long term effects of some policies he was recommending by remarking, “In the long run, we’re all dead.” Decades later, in reference to Keynes’s comment, William F. Buckley, Jr. quipped “Well, now he’s dead, we’re not, and we’re living with the consequences of his mistakes.”

Buckley’s retort highlights what should be, but all too often isn’t, an ongoing constraint on decisions by governments and businesses: a consideration of the possible consequences of their choices out beyond the personal horizons of the individuals who are directly involved...

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