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What’re The Odds?

If I were to take a coin and flip it 17 times, the odds that it would come up heads every time are 1/131,072. In theory, then, those might be the odds that all 17 “mistakes” in the four Carter Page FISA applications would point in the same, pro-spying direction, assuming that they were innocent mistakes.

But if you think about it, the chances that the “mistakes” were random are considerably, if less precisely calculably, worse than that. First, one would have to think about the chances that there would be 17 “mistakes” on any random four FISA applications...

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Obama’s Guilt?

What if Obama did it? What if he directed the FBI to extralegally exonerate Hillary Clinton and to find or make excuses to spy on the Trump campaign? Should he be prosecuted?

There is evidence for these horrifying possibilities in text exchanges between Lisa Page, a now-former FBI lawyer and her then-lover Peter Strzok, who had leading FBI roles in both the Clinton “exoneration” and the investigation of the alleged, but nonexistent, Russian collusion by the Trump campaign.

The first of these revealing texts shows that, contrary to Comey’s testimony, he had given then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch advance notice of his intention to let Hillary off the hook (or perhaps she had ordered him to do so):

On July 1, two days before Comey addressed the Clinton email case, the ...

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Now that Nancy Pelosi has settled on two really serious impeachment charges, Having Impure Thoughts and Ignoring My Commands, I think we should cast a sidelong glance at the actual corruption that most of us – myself included – wouldn’t have known anything about if not for the Democrats’ mind-boggling use of President Trump’s famous conversation with President Zelensky as an excuse to try to give Trump the old heave ho.

Thirty-five years ago I was offered a bribe. I was a newly-minted bank Vice President at the time, co-head of a group that dealt with media companies. I was having lunch at the Bull & Bear with a guy who owned a couple of radio stations and had an agreement to buy others...

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Comey and Horowitz

Dear Readers: A week before the Horowitz report was issued, I wrote a post about what a disaster Jim Comey had been as head of the FBI. This was during the time when I had (temporarily) decided to stop sending out notices of new posts, so very few of you read it. As it turns out, what I wrote at that time was both too kind to Comey and too sure that he is unlikely be held accountable for his behavior.

Having since watched this interview of Jeff Carlson, in which he gives a comprehensive overview of the astoundingly damning Horowitz findings, I am now convinced both that Comey should be very, very worried about his future (especially given the appropriately more oblique, but by implication deadly serious, comments made by Attorney General Barr on the same t...

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Bleak Thoughts

I went on a bicycle ride with a close friend this morning. Our route took us along beautiful – and quiet – country roads. The sky was blue, the air was warm, the leaves were just starting to turn and the conversation was, well, really depressing. Most CH posts reflect my generally up-beat disposition; this one will not.

I kicked off the big picture part of our conversation with the observation that while my most recent post had ended on an optimistic note – that ‘one of democracy’s greatest strengths … is that it fosters orderly course corrections as voters come to new understandings about what does and doesn’t work’, and a quote from Winston Churchill about America always eventually finding its way, subsequent reflections have dampened my optimism.

I was thinking about...

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An Interesting Idea

This weekend I read an article ( that made the point that upstate New York has been devastated by the urban-oriented, left-wing policies favored by New York’s downstate elites. Businesses and people have been leaving the vast area far north of the city for decades.

Upstate is becoming, in the article’s colorful phrase, “Detroit with grass”. Been there, seen that; some years ago, I rode my bicycle right across upstate New York, from before Buffalo to after Albany: the region is characterized by natural beauty and social squalor. It is the very picture of rural decline.

(Not mentioned in the article, but of particular interest given the praise I ...

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It’s Never Enough

A lot of ideas for new taxes are being bandied about. The President wants to more heavily tax investments, inherited property and even college savings plans. Mayor de Blasio wants to tax commuters and wealthy out-of-town apartment owners. And many on the left are arguing that since oil prices have fallen, we should dramatically increase taxes on petroleum products – the idea being that consumers won’t notice the new levies, while higher gas prices will both bring forth a gusher of tax revenues and discourage driving – a twofer, from their perspective.

These various ideas got me to wondering: can we even imagine a scenario in which those on the left would say: “That’s it. We have enough in tax revenue; now it’s time for the government to live within its means. “

No, we cannot.


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