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More Interesting Than Boastful, I Hope

Above my pc’s monitor is a photograph of nine friends, yours truly included. It was taken well over twenty years ago, and has sat there for ages, occasionally reminding me what friendship is all about. The photograph also tells a remarkable, unexpected story.

The occasion was a pity party for me, given by one of my friends. I had just recently broken my shoulder in a bicycle accident. The invitees were the regular participants in my home-town morning ride group.

Most of us were in our thirties or early forties, but three were much older. None of us were work colleagues. We all commuted to jobs in Manhattan from homes in our cozy suburb...

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To See America

The Idea – 1/11/16

Three months from today, I am going to set out from Los Angeles by bicycle, hoping to ride to Old Lyme, CT. I have dreamed of doing this for thirty years; it’s now or never.

Over the next three months, I’ll give a lot of thought to the logistics, and try to get fit enough so that I’ll make it.

Just now, though, I have to tell the Beloved Spouse about the plan. I’m not sure she’ll be thrilled.

Day Zero – 4/10/16

This is the first in a series of daily posts that I intend to write over the next six or seven weeks about the attempt I am about to make at riding my bicycle across the country.

I sent three bikes – my two beautiful new steel Mariposas, pictured below at home just after their arrival a month ago, and my much older carbon fiber Parlee – on ahead to Los Angeles w...

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The Big Walk

The posts below describe The Big Walk – from Grand Central Terminal to Old Lyme, CT – in sequential order.

These posts differ slightly from the ones I wrote each day after walking for six or seven hours. I have cleaned up the typos, added a few interesting details, and cut a bit here and there to make the original posts fit more smoothly into one continuous narrative.

Day One (7/26/14)


Walid, yours truly and Vinny

Vinny, Walid and I had a great day today. We walked from Grand Central Terminal to my home in southern Westchester County – roughly 18 miles by the circuitous route that we followed through midtown, Harlem, the neighborhoods of northwestern Manhattan and the central and northeastern sections of the Bronx.

Everything worked...

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Wonderful Memories

The following pieces capture three of the innumerable wonderful experiences that I have had as an adult riding my bicycle with friends. I savor these memories and hope to be lucky enough to repeat them. There is not a scintilla of political, economic or social theory in these pieces, so they go into the "Fun Stuff" category. Read More



I had been planning on writing a post about another weighty issue tonight, but it’ll have to wait. I’m going to write a short post about Tolo.

She probably should’ve been Tola. When our 13 1/2 year-old canine friend was a puppy, my older son, to whom she nominally belongs, decided she was so floppy that she should be called Silly. Since she is a Portuguese Water Dog, he looked up the word for silly in Portuguese. Tolo, we later learned, is the masculine form of the word – but it stuck, and she never minded. By inclination she’s not really a Water Dog, either, for that matter: she much prefers terra firma to anything swimmable.

Toly, as we call her informally, is a sweet and oh-so-proper lady – almost a little too feminine, ever friendly and eager to please...

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