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To See America


Beginning three months from today, if I haven’t taken on a full-time a job or had some personal matter arise that prevents me from doing so, I will get on my bicycle in Los Angeles and begin to pick my way through the traffic, heading east. Six or seven weeks later I should reach Connecticut.

I will use the ride to raise money for a nonprofit that I support – the Connecticut Cycling Advancement Program ( CCAP is a great organization, dedicating to building the sport of cycling by providing a well-organized alternative to kids who might not care for the usual school sports. In my view such children need something better to do than while away their time in front of screens. (We all do, but that’s another matter).

The truth is, though, that...

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The Big Walk

The posts below describe The Big Walk – from Grand Central Terminal to Old Lyme, CT – in sequential order.

These posts differ slightly from the ones I wrote each day after walking for six or seven hours. I have cleaned up the typos, added a few interesting details, and cut a bit here and there to make the original posts fit more smoothly into one continuous narrative.

Day One (7/26/14)


Walid, yours truly and Vinny

Vinny, Walid and I had a great day today. We walked from Grand Central Terminal to my home in southern Westchester County – roughly 18 miles by the circuitous route that we followed through midtown, Harlem, the neighborhoods of northwestern Manhattan and the central and northeastern sections of the Bronx.

Everything worked...

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