Category 6. Domestic Issues

The Russia Thing

My first reaction to the recent Project Veritas undercover videos of Van Jones saying “The Russia thing is just a big nothingburger” and CNN supervising producer John Bonifield patiently explaining that while there is no evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russians, his ultimate boss Jeff Zucker was pushing back against news about changes in policy in favor of more coverage of the “bullshit” Russia story to garner higher ratings, was to laugh.  I had long since concluded that despite the frantic hopes of the Democratic left and members of the press, insofar as they are distinguishable, such collusion hadn’t happened.

As I have thought about these videos and, more broadly, the never-ending quest of the left to delegitimize if not rid themselves of our preside...

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Institutionalized “Diversity” as Racism

I am well aware that although I strive to express my views with civility, some Civil Horizon posts are taken as offensive by those who differ strongly with the positions I set forth. Let this introduction serve as a “trigger warning” to such people: this post may particularly offend you, as I will be taking on an idea that lots of people – including many of whom I am quite fond – hold dear. If you are one of those who will vehemently disagree with what I write this time, I ask that you engage with the ideas that I am setting down and not read into the post an animus that is not there.

“Diversity”, as that term is used in academia, in government and among corporations seeking to mollify the foregoing, is profoundly racist in its intent and effects...

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Why So Many Leading Democrats Hate Charter Schools

The moral bankruptcy of much of the Democratic Party’s leadership is nowhere more obvious than in their aversion to charter schools. Democrats hold themselves out as representing the little guy, but many do lasting damage to the very people in whose interests they claim to speak by attempting to strangle the charter school movement. The reason many office-holding Democrats oppose charter schools is quite simple: such schools may be in the best interests of children who would otherwise be stuck in abysmal unionized (and effectively union-run) public  schools, but they are manifestly disadvantageous to the teachers’ unions that are the Democrats’ most important contributors and volunteers.

When Waiting for Superman was released to considerable acclaim by Davis Guggenheim, who had also...

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Minimum Wage Laws

Minimum and living wage laws are immoral, because they deprive individuals of the freedom to make their own decisions. They are also counter-productive for society as a whole because they raise unemployment and foster dependency among the poor.

Such laws hurt the poor, while – strangely – helping comfortable progressives feel better about themselves. Somehow, the latter have convinced themselves that by giving away other people’s money, they have performed a noble deed, but they have not. Quite the contrary, in fact.

Few minimum wage law advocates pause to consider the effect of such laws on those who don’t have work but would be willing to work for less than the laws require.

If I am willing to employ another for $10 an hour to perform a particular task, and he is willing to perf...

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