Category 1. American Culture

Some Illustrative Speculation

What would happen if, by presenting rock-solid evidence that electoral fraud was committed on a massive scale, Trump were to prevail in his efforts to overturn Biden’s apparent victory? Setting aside, for a moment, both the likelihood and the longer-term implications of such a change in outcomes, I believe that the immediate effect would be twofold: a sharply lower stock market and massive riots in the streets. Let’s think for a bit about these potential ramifications of a change in expected outcomes.

As you may have noticed, the stock market has been on a tear in recent days. The Wall Street Journal attributes this sudden optimism about future corporate profits to both the prospect of a vaccine for Covid-19 and Biden’s widely-announced, but as yet unofficial, victory...

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Irrespective of the extent to which Trump’s signature policies – the wall, lower taxes, less regulation and extreme wariness regarding Iran and China – are overturned, he has fundamentally changed – and, to an extent, embodied the change in – America’s political landscape.

When I was young, the heart of the Republican Party was the WASP Establishment; the Democratic Party represented blue collar workers, classic liberals (a.k.a., ‘limousine liberals’ – who were also often WASPs) and freedom-loving hippies...

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