A Brief Note

The FLA/ME ride begins in Key West on Saturday; James – the sag driver – and I are already on our way there with a van full of bikes and gear. My friend Ken, who as you may recall joined me for the last three days of the cross-country ride five years ago, will meet us in Key West, expecting to join for the first 7-10 days of this journey (and later re-join toward the end of the ride, I hope). On Saturday, we will also be accompanied by Tom, at whose home we will all stay on Saturday night. 

Since we will be staying at friends’ houses on Saturday and Monday nights (and then on occasional nights later in the adventure) I won’t have the time or energy to write blog posts on those evenings; at best, I’ll post a picture or two, and try to capture the sense of those days’ rides a day or two later when I have time to catch up.

FWIW, I’m expecting a long, long day Saturday – I gather that the ride will be 114 miles and there’ll be a strong (17 mph) cross wind complicating our efforts. We’ll be fresh, though, and looking forward to being with Tom and his wife – both of whom have been close friends of mine (and of the Beloved Spouse who, sadly, won’t be there) for over thirty years – in their new home for the evening.

Sunday’s ride – sans Tom, I’m afraid – will be much shorter (+/-65 miles) and easier, leaving Ken, James and me in downtown Miami; I’ll try to write a two day ride summary/post on arrival.  

I am well aware that it’s a great privilege to undertake an adventure like this – a privilege afforded to me by the support of the Beloved Spouse and my indulgent friends, good health, the prosperity I am so lucky to enjoy and the freedoms afforded us by this great land. I expect to savor it, and to share the most interesting impressions along the way with those who read these posts.

M.H. Johnston 

9 comments to A Brief Note

  • Ron Cypers  says:

    God speed Mark. Safe travels and I look forward to your descriptions.

  • DOUG  says:

    Good luck. Looking forward to hearing about your progress in this exciting adventure.

  • Anonymous  says:

    Dr. J – You are a creator of epic opportunities… can you turn down those wind speeds? 🙂 See you soon, Ken

  • Anonymous  says:

    Good luck Mark. Ride safe.

  • John Trafton  says:

    Best of luck Mark!
    Ride well and be safe!
    I hope to greet you in Portland when you arrive.

  • DP  says:

    Good luck Mark. What a beautiful place to begin the ride.

  • Eric  says:

    Thanks for sharing. Safe travels.

  • vivian wadlin  says:

    Yikes! Got asperin?

  • Dennis Paine  says:


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