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Best post I’ve read in a long time, by Glenn Greenwald: https://greenwald.substack.com/p/the-threat-of-authoritarianism-in.

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  • Anonymous  says:

    So much to disagree with.
    Yes, he hasn’t been a successful dictator, but he has tried at times, and he has certainly spoken like one.
    “Proud Boys be ready…” “Show up in DC on January 6th…” slowing down the mails- alleging that only certain votes should be counted… Disrespecting judicial authority—- not having press conferences—calling the press the enemy of the people. Portland with federal troops in unmarked uniforms. You know that the list is longer. Greenwald knows it, too.
    As for oligarchy- nothing radical about acknowledging it- but lets acknowledge that Trump’s tax policies didn’t help. And, as for alleging that the pandemic response purposely shaped inequality, that goes against what we know: Amazon has profited because they do remote retail. Small business hasn’t. Netflix- big business thrives. AMC theaters- big business- doesn’t thrive.
    When you try to suppress the vote, the counting of the vote, the press, respect for the judicial system, unilaterally trying to leave treaties, when you only listen to your relatives, when you protect your own interests more then those of the country, fire “watchdogs,” “won’t answer subpoenas or let your staff answer them, then you are an authoritarian. He just wasn’t that good at it. Have other presidents done similar things? Yes, but not every single day.

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