I Just Can’t Restrain Myself

Joe Biden was never a bright light.

What were his accomplishments, in what sense was he ever a leader, in his long decades as a legislator? None and never. And he made many very public mistakes of the telltale ‘this guy will never learn’ variety.

For example, when Biden first ran for president, 32 years ago, did he actually think he was going to get away with giving a major, televised speech in which he plagiarized one by, and arrogated the life story of, Neil Kinnock? Really? Long years after that fiasco, had he not learned enough to know that when he boasted – with absolutely no basis in fact – about his academic scholarships, multiple degrees and high class standing, that those fabrications could and would be checked? He told another tall one about having attended an HBCU just the other day… It’s not like he doesn’t know he’s being watched – he can’t help himself. What kind of guy keeps telling the same stupid – to say nothing of unethical – kinds of self-serving lies? A moron, that’s what kind of a guy.

A casually corrupt moron, at that.  While Biden was Vice President and overseeing our nation’s relationship with Ukraine, his ne’er-do-well son collected millions for serving, without any actual qualifications other than being the Vice President’s son, on the board of an energy company owned by a Ukrainian oligarch widely viewed as corrupt – and the candidate insists to this day that there was nothing wrong with that arrangement. Even more astonishing, Biden bragged – on live TV! – about holding up a billion dollars in aid to Ukraine until the prosecutor who was investigating the company that so richly employed his ne’er-do-well son was fired.

Biden also insists that there was nothing, ah, unusual, about young Hunter traveling to China with him on Air Force Two and raising a billion dollars from Chinese investors – later raised to $1.5 billion – for a private equity fund that the young man was starting with John Kerry’s stepson. (With an industry-standard 2% management fee, the Chinese investors, and indirectly the Chinese government, were presumably signing up to pay something like $30m a year to the two lucky young “entrepreneurs”, neither of whom had any private equity investment experience. Hunter did have experience getting kicked out of the navy for cocaine, though, so there’s that). And then there’s the $3.5m that the wife of the mayor of Moscow wire transferred to Hunter’s business; totally normal, I’m sure – we just don’t know what services he provided.

So, yes, a casually corrupt moron. And that’s not the worst of it.

Watch a video of Joe Biden speaking extemporaneously ten years ago. He was a windbag, yes, but at least a moderately articulate one. Watch him respond to an unanticipated question without a teleprompter or support from his staff now. His obvious senescence is a rapidly darkening cloud on his already all-too limited intellectual capacity. Elected or not, he’ll be gone in a year. Or maybe Jill will run the country, as Edith Wilson did in Woodrow’s second term.

Come to think of it, the inevitable power struggle between Jill and Kamala, if Biden’s elected, would have great entertainment value if it didn’t involve leading the most important country on Earth. A country that, I have no doubt, would be in sharp decline. Edward Gibbon, were he still living, could write a gripping book about it.

And lastly, Biden’s a mouse. A dirty little creature hiding in his basement, unwilling to face questioning that isn’t staged or from known supporter (Hello, Chris Wallace!), or crowds that he must try to persuade or energize without a teleprompter. He has said absolutely nothing during the campaign, other than expressing the received ‘wisdom’ bs about what a terrible man Trump is and implying that roses will bloom in January if he’s elected. He is steadfastly avoiding (or overtly talking out of both sides of his mouth) about his prospective Supreme Court nominees, court packing, the Green New Deal, fracking, imposing racial quotas in housing, “free” college, trade with China and the massive tax hikes he’ll need to pay for the policies the left wing of his party – not that there’s much of any other wing at this point – will demand. He hopes his silence will win over the centrist portions of the electorate on the basis of the fervent support of the mainstream media and his long-ago reputation as a decent, moderate sort of guy. (You know, the kind of guy who used to be the tag-along on debauched carouses with Teddy Kennedy and Chris Dodd, while engaging in the fact-free character assassination of one of the most eminent legal scholars of the time, and now writes his party’s platform with Bernie Sanders).

Even Obama is widely reported to have observed (before Biden’s obvious cognitive decline, to his fellow Democrats, explaining why he pushed Biden aside in 2016), “Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to fuck things up.”  Not a great job review, to say the least. 


In my extensive travels over the last couple of months around the deep-blue northeast, I’ve seen innumerable Biden lawn signs, and almost none for Trump. I know that most of my neighbors and friends detest Trump for his brash and brazen character and the calumnies of which he is regularly accused, none of which ever comes to much. To them, he is the issue. They think Trump’s the one we should worry about, though he has done pretty much exactly what he said he would.

I shake my head in wonder.

M.H. Johnston

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  • AT  says:

    I remember seeing a Trump banner outside a house on 44 West out of North Canaan, Connecticut in 2016. Surprised the hell out of me. Wonder if they’re flying a Trump 2020 banner this year. Maybe they moved away.

    Forget it, Mark. It’s Connecticut. And Massachusetts, and Rhode Island, and Vermont. A book or books could be written about how flinty, independent, and mostly Republican New England–the cradle of the American Revolution, for crying out loud–turned into the zombie hive-brain of the administrative state in complete repudiation of the Sons of Liberty and its own history. Demography certainly, and the loss of industry, and the Curley Effect, and other forms of political grift, graft, and corruption, all delivered with sneering, what-are-you-gonna-do-about-it? snark (those bumper stickers proudly proclaiming the driver to be a “Masshole”). But mostly demography. The population I remember growing up in west-central Massachusetts in the 1960s and 1970s has been replaced. Fewer Polish farm families. No more French Canadian and Finnish mill workers and mechanics, because no more mills. No more Swamp Yankee tinkerers and inventors. No more old-school noblesse-oblige Brahmins in their big houses on the hill or estates in the country. That New England died a long time ago. Or (more likely) gave up. Now it’s decaying, dystopian cities (e.g. downtown Holyoke or Springfield) and dying hill towns behind the sanctimonious, BLM-sign-sporting enclaves of academe, biomed, and tech. The local factories that used to employ people who made things of utility and beauty have been turned into mental health and drug treatment clinics for the ever-growing indigent population (e.g. Greenfield). “A savage servility slides by on grease”–even truer today than when Lowell wrote it, and true in a sense he probably didn’t intend.

    On a happier note: good to see you back. Had a hunch you wouldn’t be able to stay out of it for long.

  • Anonymous  says:

    Welcome back my friend! Didn’t think the radio silence would last long!

  • Rob A  says:


    Great to see you again!

    As I tell my friends, the Minister of Propaganda in North Korea is being tortured for not being as effective as the American media. They are supine and obedient to the DNC. What I see on the news shocks me. In fact, I have had to cut down on my consumption because it is shocking about what they do, and moreover, what they don’t cover.

    Biden has decades of disastrous policies and what’re called “gaffes” (which are truly his low-I.Q. coupled with dementia on full display). Biden’s consistently bad. The former Secretary of Defense Bob Gates called him being wrong on foreign policy for 40 years. His blatant corruption and that of his own family (Biden’s niece Caroline pleaded guilty in a $110,000 credit-account theft at a New York City drugstore in 2017 and now is going to court again for drugged-driving charges in Lower Merion Township, Pa., in August 2019.) Imagine a Trump family member with the same circumstances… Moreover, these crimes are tame compared to Hunter Biden’s drug use, failure to pay child support, blatant corruption in China and Ukraine. I could go on and on about Biden and his clan, but the media ignores anything and everything about him or Kamala Harris. I’m starting to ramble here, sorry about that.

    I live in Northern Virginia right outside of D.C. As you can imagine, this area is hyper-partisan come presidential elections. I have never seen so few political signs, bumper stickers, etc. They are some very enthusiastic Trump supporters. My friend who commutes between Charlottesville and D.C. says once you get 20 miles outside of D.C., it is nothing but Trump signs all the way to Charlottesville.

    That being said, I really believe if you tune out of media babbling, a lot of support for the president is out there. I do know people who do not like Trump, albeit, I have not heard one enthusiastic voice for Biden.

    Getting back to the media, I am really worried. I see numerous variables at play. First, an obviously biased and crazed media. Before you could tell the paper’s political leanings by the op-eds they ran. Today, all the news is an op-ed. Second, we are awash in “news.” There is so much media out there that people are overwhelmed. For example, I am still astounded how little press Hong Kong has received. Hong Kong – a democracy being brutalized by the Chinese Communist Party. Remember Tiananmen Square? That was in 1989. The famous image of the man standing up to the tank. One cannot find that image or story in China. It has been erased. Now, it is the American media helping to erase the stories for the Chinese Communist Party. Third, this farce is playing out internally. How much coverage does the destruction BLM and Antifa receive? They have murdered people for their political beliefs, yet the media wants you to believe that a red MAGA hat is “dangerous” and wears of such deserve to be attacked. Fourth, inner-city black-on-black crime is at Baghdad levels, but a few instances of a white cop killing a black criminal is amplified and repeated so much in the media, people believe these incidents are common. Fifth, for a political party that savaged its citizens serving in wars and hated wars (e.g. Harry Reid saying we were losing in Iraq during the Surge. I was there; we were not losing), now Syria or any other obscure country is deemed of consequence to U.S. national security and needs military intervention. Lastly, as we are learning Hillary cooked up the Trump-Russia collusion story and had the sitting government, to include Obama, Biden, and the CIA involved in the crime. This crime makes Watergate look like someone stealing your lunch from the refrigerator. Politically, we out-Putined, Putin – and no one really cares. Edward Gibbon’s pen would not cease, if he were observing this point in American history. God help us.

    If you ever come this way, Mark, I’ll buy the first couple of rounds. Keep up the good fight.

  • Doug  says:

    He’s Baaaaaack!!!! Great post. 18 people at Biden’s unity speech today!

  • M Johnston  says:

    A comment about comments:

    In response to this post, a couple of readers tried to leave comments that will not appear on the site. Both were flagged by the site’s algorithm – but that only means that I was being asked to decide whether or not they should appear. I decided not.

    The first was an anonymous link to an Orange Man Bad editorial in The New York Daily News. I deleted it because the comment didn’t address the points I had made in the post at all, except presumably by implying via the linked editorial that irrespective of what I’d written about Biden, Trump is worse. Since one can read anti-Trump screeds on the ‘news’ pages of The New York Times every day, I don’t see any value being offered to readers by sharing the copycat perspective of the editorialists at the Daily News. If you, dear reader, wish to take issue with what I write – great – but please actually respond to the points I’ve written.

    The second was from an old friend, clearly angered by what I had written. He wrote that I should have restrained myself rather than embarrassing myself. In short, his comment was a personal insult, but like the comment described above, one that didn’t deign to address what I had actually written. If this old friend wants to insult me, he should consider doing so privately, rather than pretend he’s responding to a post the contents of which he doesn’t address.

    Was I wrong in what I wrote about Biden? If so, how? Was I right? These comments shed no light.


    • Rob A.  says:


      You were broad and correct in your assessment of Biden. Going in depth probably would have crashed the server. Unfortunately, the Left only knows violence, bombastic commentary, or child-like tantrums. Stevie Wonder can see Biden’s obviously poor and degraded mental abilities. His comments to the young girls during a campaign stop in Miami solidifies my assessment that his urges are unhealthy and uncontrollable.

  • Richard Schaps  says:


    You are so smart and write so well. All 186 of us are happy to read and respond to your posts

    Richard Schaps

    • M Johnston  says:

      Thanks – that’s very kind of you, especially since I know how strongly you disagree with most of my posts.

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