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I received the following thoughts in an email from Doug – an old friend and occasional CH commenter – and thought you might find them interesting; with his permission, they are reprinted in italics below:

I have been spending a little too much time thinking about process and not outcomes in relation to the current state of discord and anarchy in our cities and country as a whole.

Basically, I am of the opinion that people hate Trump because he is an EXECUTIVE, i.e. head of the Executive Branch of Government and attempting to do his job to faithfully execute the laws: “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

He refuses (generally) to legislate. Yesterday when baited about the Supreme Court decision, he adeptly stated…”That is the law as it has been decided by the Supreme Court.” His attempt to secure the borders was perhaps the opening salvo of law and order. It has been downhill from there.

On the local level, the police serve an oath to ‘Protect and Serve’ but in order to do it, they sure better have a strong Executive who is willing to support them by upholding the laws. I am sure I would not want to confront a stranger in one of 10,301,000 annual arrests in the US without knowing that the ‘system’ and the Executive in charge support me.

So fast forward to the rioting, looting, mayhem, and other life threatening destruction. The worst riots/protests and the respective Executives:

·         New York – Bill deBlasio

·         LA – Eric Garcetti

·         Minneapolis – Jacob Frey

·         Atlanta – Keisha Bottoms

·         Seattle – Jenny Durkan

·         Detroit – Mike Duggan

·         Denver – Michael Hancock

·         San Fran – London Breed

·         Houston – Sylvester Turner

·         Dallas – Eric Johnson

·         DC – Muriel Bowser

·         Chicago – Lori Lightfoot

·         Boston — Mahhty Walsh

Racism evidently has festered in these Democrat run and led cities like COVID-19 on the USS Teddy Roosevelt or at a Bronx Nursing Home. The problem is that, as Mike Dukakis said, the fish stinks from the head (???). In these cities there apparently is neither moral leadership nor Executive leadership. I have often thought the insanity of the Democrats is founded in deep seeded guilt. They own racism and don’t know how to deal with it.

This has led me to my No Shit Sherlock moment. Reinforced as I saw reports of the 2,000 strong Trump boat parade this weekend peacefully making its way up Lake St. Clair to the Detroit River…. and you can prove me wrong if you would like. No Republican Trump supporters were engaged in the violent protest, rioting, destruction of personal and public property, nor were associated with the death of the estimated 15 people who died from the rioting and the protests.

In a two part electorate, you are either for the Republican or for the Democrat (God knows where daffy Mitt Romney stands). So forgetting the failure of Obama and his surrogates including all of the listed Mayors above to ameliorate race relations and to institute procedures that would have prevented the issues that have been identified at the heart of the flash point issues, the woke Democrats everywhere and all of their overly sensitive political correctness…own the violence. They own the lawlessness. They own the desecration of historical artifacts. They own the death of police officers and innocents. They own the physical harm that has been perpetrated on people, the own the fear. They own the hatred. They own the racial discord. And, for another discussion, they own the underlying causes of this tragic state we are in.

The point is that it is not enough to blame the incompetent Executive Branch personnel, we need to blame the race baiting and violent instigators. Could CNN or MSNBC put an investigative reporter in CHAZ or war torn LA to find a Trump supporter stirring the pot?

Basically, that’s what I think. FWIW.

And…I would add in editorial that Trump, whether with the COVID response or the mob rioting, has staunchly proved to respect State’s rights over Federal overreach. His actions prove that out. Meaning that the States and mini dictators like Pritzker and Cuomo own all of the response. IMO


P.s.: Various people have been having problems leaving – typically lengthy – comments in response to CH posts; what comes through in such cases is just the fact that somebody tried to comment, but no text. If you wish to leave a longish response to a post, I’m told that it works fine if you write the comment out, then copy and paste it into the comment box just before submitting; apparently, lingering over words is what messes up the site’s mechanics.

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  • Anonymous  says:

    Is there anyone anywhere ever that knows the current United States president and thinks him a good executive besides people who draw conclusions from a distance based on media reporting. First hand in person reports are the man is a vile dishonest self serving con artist. That’s got nothing to do with America’s two party system strengths nor weaknesses.

  • Anonymous  says:

    If this were a Dear Abby column, I would have to respond: Dear Angry Anonymous, You have made my point. Apart from the deflection of the core issue that rank and file members of the Democrat party own all of the racism, destruction, and acrimony, the sentiment is that your President Donald Trump is a bad executive. That was never a question nor part of the comment. History will judge how he did… probably not you nor I. The point is that Trump through words and actions has attempted to uphold the laws that were given to him and that the ‘Executives’ of the listed and hardest hit cities prove every day that they are just making it up as they go along. The bit about the two party system is that the one (RED) party has had nothing to do with the current racial rioting, looting, property destruction, etc.

  • DP  says:
  • Anonymous  says:

    If the topic is owning all the racism, then the answer is ALL OF US. Not others, not a political party – nor any other group. Any white American person want to explain to a black American person how white people have not benefited? Or as the comedian Chris Rock quipped – “there’s not a white person in the country who would change places with me, and I’m rich”

    • Anonymous  says:

      Anonymous, On this point, we agree whole heartedly. All of us own racism. This entire conflagration has made me think introspectively about race. Probably good. The FACT: however, is that only one party owns the racist, anti government, anti police, anti property response that has financially, emotionally, and physically hurt so many people. In the 13 listed cities and among the Democrats (who according to Joe Biden are the party of the black people) I would hope for more direct, more compassionate, and more constructive dialogue resulting in better outcomes. Apparently hasn’t happened.

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