A Toy/A Sign of the Times

The Beloved Spouse spent an hour or so this morning assembling a new toy for our four year old grandson. The waiting boy was practically vibrating with excitement; as the project neared completion, I looked in on the emerging results … and was appalled.

As you can see below, the toy is a highly detailed miniature police station, with all kinds of gadgets and moving pieces to play with.

There’s a rooftop heliport, a jail, electronics (for monitoring who?) and a control tower, presumably for watching and making announcements to crowds. The enormous, forbidding gates all open and shut (with a clang in our imaginations) – and there are police figures (not pictured) with lots of scary-looking weaponry and body armor.

To me, the building looks more suitable for use by a militarized police force interested in controlling the local populace than by the kinds of police officers who stand in line at Dunkin Donuts and chase down speeders or rarely – they and we both hope – face dangerous situations. Even excusing the toymakers’ knowledge that little kids like lots of bells and whistles and tend to see the world as consisting (in terms familiar from the entertainment they watch) of good guy cops and evildoers who must be outgunned, I wondered aloud whether the toy sends the signal that ours is a free, civil and largely peaceable society.

My son in law looked at me with amusement and made a comment in response, the implication of which was that I was coming out of left field. I don’t think anybody’s ever implied that before.


There is plentiful evidence that outdoor human-to-human transmission of the CCP Coronavirus is exceedingly rare. Even so, numerous power-besotted governors have closed their states’ parks and beaches in the name of public safety. Some have even confined ordinary citizens to circumstances akin to house arrest, with temporary releases only for activities those governors deem essential.

The governors are apparently confident of their right to impose such decisions on a sometimes unwilling populace. The curve may already have flattened, the danger of overloading our medical system be past and the possibility of eliminating the virus nil absent a vaccine, but they believe that their emergency powers will last until they decide that the emergency is over.

These assertions of arbitrary and unchecked governmental authority are both unprecedented and deeply suspect constitutionally. They are also, as with the closing of parks and beaches, often without much justification in simple medical terms. The business shutdowns, prolonged much longer, will bankrupt millions – and likely make them wholly dependent on government handouts.

Enforcing such all-inclusive regulations requires the police to assert control over the populace in ways that run contrary to our hallowed traditions as regards civil liberties. And probably police stations that look like my grandson’s toy.


Those of you who get your news from the DNC Media Complex may be unaware that it has become perfectly clear in recent days, through the release of documentary evidence that the FBI had been hiding, that Lieutenant General Michael Flynn was shamelessly railroaded by the FBI and the Mueller Gang in service of the Russian Collusion fraud. Senior members of the “Intelligence” “Community” – aided, abetted and probably egged on by the departing Obama Administration, were so sure that Trump was a Bad Guy with Bad Ideas (like opposing the Obama Iran deal) that they needed to stop him, and if a (wholly innocent) war hero general had to be thrown to the wolves, and other crimes committed, in service of that goal, so be it.

(If this is news to you, you might be interested in reading this https://www.nationalreview.com/2020/05/fbi-set-up-michael-flynn-to-preserve-trump-russia-probe/ overview of recent developments by Andrew McCarthy, a non-Trump-loving former federal prosecutor who now writes for Never-Trump National Review. Or this, which actually details what the FBI did (whereas the McCarthy mostly assumes his readers already know): https://www.foxnews.com/politics/flynn-bombshell-puts-renewed-attention-on-durham-probe-source-says-barr-talking-to-him-every-day.

In other words, in late 2016 America’s version of the praetorian guard hated our newly elected president and decided they were perfectly willing to lie, cheat and steal (and abuse a man who had served our nation honorably for thirty years) to hobble the new administration or, better yet, get rid of Trump entirely. In the event, they managed to achieve the former for three years and very nearly accomplished the latter.

Meanwhile, most of the mainstream media has never even mentioned these horrifying disclosures. There is no reasonable inference but that they – and the praetorian guard that perpetrated the Russian Collusion fraud – hate Trump a lot more than they love our democracy.

I like, respect and am grateful for the cops I know, but I fear the loss of our liberties. These are dangerous times.

M.H. Johnston

P.S., Our grandson loved the toy.

4 comments to A Toy/A Sign of the Times

  • DP  says:

    Toy was probably made in China.

    • AT  says:

      DP: thread winner right there.

  • DP  says:

    That’s a very disturbing story.

  • DOUG  says:

    First of all, that is the Border Patrol station. Good on your daughter and son-in-law and wife for reinforcing the notion of secure borders as a foundation for a sovereign nation. Glad they are coming around. Second. Your grandson has a far higher probability of choking on a surveillance camera or getting that big antenna stuck up his nose than ANY complications with the Wuhan Flu. Third. Trump’s new pres secretary is an absolute boss.

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