Two Presidents?

Over the last few days, I have been responding to questions about my support for Trump in the comments section of the most recent post. Both of the exasperated questioners are friends of mine who can’t quite believe that I would support a president whom they (with varying degrees of passion, I think) consider loathsome. It seems that though we share the same citizenship and love of country – to say nothing of our friendships with each other – we have completely different presidents.

Their president is a compulsive liar, an unstable man whose childish antics might be amusing if he didn’t have executive power. He was plainly guilty of abusing his office for political gain and almost certainly has been playing footsie with Putin for years. He’s a bigot whose contempt for the rule of law – and our institutional norms – is as plain as the typeface on The New York Times. His environmental policies may well doom the planet. And he and Mitch McConnell are in the process of hijacking the judicial system.

My president, on the other hand, is a showman who relishes throwing mud right back at those who throw mud at him – but behind his showmanship is a steely will.

Politically, to an exceptional degree, he’s a promise-keeper – whether his promises were to build a wall on the border with Mexico, cut taxes and regulations, get tough with China, strengthen the military and defend our troops while doing his best to avoid new wars, appoint judges who respect the Constitution as written or move our embassy to Jerusalem. By actually doing all these things, he’s created an environment that has helped the rich through a strong stock market and the less well-off through the best job market in modern times. In fact, the less well-off, for whom the Democrats presume to speak, are doing better than they have ever done by any number of objective measures.

My president has stood up against Russian revanchism in ways that Obama did not, by providing Ukraine with anti-tank missiles and cycling American troops through the Baltics. Further, his encouragement of fracking has both made America energy-independent for the first time since the 1960s and dramatically discomfited the Russians, the Iranians and others who really don’t wish us well. The fact that most of the dominant media companies and Democrats in the House tried to get rid of him by alleging improprieties with Russia and Ukraine tells us a great deal more about their infantile and anti-democratic (resist!) desperation than it does about him or his policies. They don’t want to talk about the Bidens’ obvious corruption or about the Obama administration’s spying, but it looks like they’re going to have to when John Durham finishes his work.

My president is no bigot. He’s an America-firster: he thinks it’s us against the world with, crucially, all citizens included in that “us”.  Those who came here – or who would like to come here – in contravention of our laws, not so much.   

(Remind me again which side respects the rule of law…).

Finally, through his sometimes truculent diatribes, my president has punctured the phony pretense of objectivity in the overwhelmingly progressive major media; they are exposed as partisan combatants in our great debates rather than as the impartial reporters they claim to be. The masks are off, which is all to the good in my book: might as well see things for what they are.

Many on the other side hate their president with a blinding passion; I quite like mine. Perhaps eventually their passions will cool, the fog will clear and they’ll begin to see what I do.  Actually, I’m pretty sure of it. After all, we only have one president, and the country is doing better.

M.H. Johnston     

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  • Jeff Mehl  says:

    I’ve FINALLY found someone who can verbalize what I’ve been trying to explain to my ‘Trump-Hating’ friends who can’t understand how I can support such an imperfect individual, and you say it so much better than me! I just quoted it on my Facebook page, giving credit to this blog. Thank you!!.

  • Doug Mccaig  says:

    Sorry. Russian hackers seemed to have erased my first reply… interesting piece. The misogynistic, lying, cheating, abhorrent, racist, hamburger eating, loathsome, and orange dictator, has had some stiff competition and it should give your anti Trump friends some pause. Perhaps never have the Democrats had the opportunity to showcase their political, managerial, and ideological superiority than this election season. Over 21 extremely qualified opponents lined up against him like a one sided flag football game. You had…a VP, a Cabinet Member, 7 Senators, 4 Mayors, 2 Governors, 2 Billionaires, a Tech Entrepreneur and 5 Congress people (or more). You had a group that looks like America, White, Black, Hispanic, Immigrant, Female, Gay, even a Native American (purportedly). You had Harvard, Stanford, Yale, Columbia, Military Veterans, and a Rhodes Scholar. And… there has apparently been NO age discrimination within this group. Yet, tomorrow, it is likely that an angry, Octogenarian ideologue who attends roughly half of the Senate votes and never successfully managed anything is likely to be cast into the lead. If you ask your friends as I do mine (and I have plenty of Trump haters in my circle) they will unlikely offer their ‘choice’ of candidates and if they do it is likely with a candidate “well, anyone is better than that ass hat Trump”. My take is that Adam Schiff with his maniacal effort to topple the Orange man has dismantled the party and almost single handedly. I think the lesson is that if the party had a platform then they could plug and play the candidates. They are apparently in incredible disarray. “we are in a real mess Christopher Robin”. Fun to watch.

  • Bill  says:

    I initially missed the exchange in the “Deradicalizing the Democrats” comments section. Relative to what’s out there, it’s a remarkably friendly disagreement. It’s an outlier. At wine fueled dinners it can get ugly. “Polarized” doesn’t do it. Thermonuclear is more apt. Trump convicted, Trump acquitted, Trump wins, Trump loses–I doubt we’re going back to a consensus that reasonable people can disagree. We’re past the political discourse “tipping point.” Think this overstates the case? The other guy started it? Turn on CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, Morning Joe, NPR or Rush Nation. You pick. Too hot. We’re cooked.

    • M Johnston  says:

      What I’ve found is that some Trump-haters are willing to listen (unhappily) to a contrasting viewpoint, but – at least in social situations – most simply drop the topic disapprovingly when they realize that the alternative is an argument that could become heated. Generally, when people make vicious anti-Trump comments or disparage Trump supporters in my presence, it’s because they have assumed that – of course! – their comments represent the consensus of People Like Us.

  • Anonymous  says:

    Great post Mark! Given the constant negative bias of the media, I don’t believe the fog will ever clear for Trump haters. Most of these are the same haters of George W. and Romney (before) but seem to be charged up by their inability thus far to beat Trump at anything as well as his reminders to them of this. Trump is the first Republican President since Reagan to fight back against the media bias. Separately, it will be interesting to watch how the Democrats undermine Bernie this time….they have already started undermining him by changing the rules to let Mike onto the debate stage. The Democratic convention will likely be a contested, brokered convention with several competing factions and will be “must see” TV!

  • Dennis Paine  says:

    Thank you, Mark.

  • Anonymous  says:

    Hmmmm. Two presidents? Or two reactions to the policies being enacted?
    Are the prosecutors resigning over the Stone case political operatives working against our president? Does Vindman deserve to be prosecuted? Does writing post comments questioning our president get one onto a watch list for possible future repercussions? So many literate and thoughtful people here find reasons to place trust in the man who is our president. Have any of you met him? Done business with him? Or is this support based on analysis and observation aided by the same media you say is irresponsibly biased?

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