A Confirmation Takeaway

The Kavanaugh confirmation battle was the first of a new era in which it’s all too likely that we’ll come to know far more than we need or want to know about nominees. Henceforth, social media records will be dredged up to recall and amplify every ancient transgression, real or allegeable. Nothing will be forgotten – or forgiven – by the opponents of whoever is being considered.

Who didn’t make bad decisions as a teenager? Who didn’t learn important lessons from those mistakes? They are the very stuff of the transitions to our adult selves.

Who would submit him or herself be confirmed in such a rancorous, overly-target-rich environment. Only someone who had hidden in his or her room studying (and never, ever accessing politically incorrect websites of any sort) between, say, ages 15 and 25 – and then lived an adult life every bit as above reproach as (now) Justice Kavanaugh did between graduate school and the beginning of his Supreme Court confirmation process.

If we aren’t more careful, the technological tools of the modern world, a culture that weaponizes alleged victimhood and a vituperative political environment will conspire to freeze all but the most stilted people out of high office. Do we really want to limit high appointments to those who have led sheltered and unnatural lives?

We need a much more sensible Senate.

M.H. Johnston

5 comments to A Confirmation Takeaway

  • John Primm, MPM  says:

    Very well spoken. We as a species learn best from mistakes and pain. Keep these important posts coming, Mark.

  • Anonymous  says:

    Point is valid though compared with most Americans the new Justice’s life probably seems quite sheltered and unnatural.

    • Al R  says:

      “the new Justice’s life probably seems quite sheltered and unnatural.”

      how so?

  • Anonymous  says:

    Luckily born into a life of privilege and opportunity for starters. He has worked quite hard earning his accomplishments and began life in a place that would seem sheltered and unnatural to (most?, many?) Americans.

  • Doug  says:

    My confirmation takeaway is that if Kavanaugh’s opponents have one shred of credibility that they will privately (perhaps with Clinton Foundation funds) do an exhaustive investigation into the truth associated with Ms. Ford’s claims. When they do this – and even if they cannot change the course of the nomination (although they might seek an impeachment) then they will have moral high ground at election time. They should be able to use the very same technological tools to which you refer to find evidence to support the claim. The millennials think this is a #metoo issue. The Democrats owe it to their base to prove this injustice on Mrs. Ford. My guess is that you will never hear her name again – until the Showtime movie.

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